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Welcome to our blog.  Here we will announce sales, new releases, other specials and more.  Please do NOT use this for customer service.  For customer service please contact us in-world.  Thank you :)

We are looking for steady, reliable bloggers.  We carry an array of male and female clothing and accessories. All bloggers are welcomed to inquire. Would you like to blog us?  If so, please fully check us out here and on Facebook and then apply either via our online application (see link above) OR send a notecard in world by copying and pasting the application below:


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::FAUXBERRY::   B L O G G E R S    A P P L I C A T I O N

Thank you for your interest in blogging for ::FAUXBERRY::.  Below you will find the first step in the process, our application for Blogging along with our requirements  to be considered as a blogger. After you’ve fully completed the application please return it to the “snail mail” posted at the entrance to the store OR use the application form in the Bloggers section of our website.

Requirements to become a ::FAUXBERRY:: Blogger

✔ Photos Must Be High Quality

✔ Bloggers should be syndicated to atleast three feeds (ex. Fashion Feeds of SL,Designing SL, etc.) **bloggers without syndication may be considered.**

✔ Blog must be at minimum 3 months old and active with at least 3 posts per week

✔ Have at least 1 open SL group slot, preferably 2 but 1 will suffice.  In the future all blogging items will be sent in an exclusive group. **Subscriber feed being considered**

✔ Submit the blogged item to Alyssa Warden via instant message in-world.  All blogs will be reblogged (if WordPress) or linked on the ::FAUXBERRY:: blog and Facebook page.

✔ Submit your photos to our Flickr group (See link below)

✔ If you have a Facebook account, “LIKE” ::FAUXBERRY:: on Facebook (See link below)

✔ We should be blogged at least 4 times per month.

✔ Please be sure to always add the SLURL for the mainstore somewhere prominently in your post.

✔ If you find that you are going to be away or otherwise unable to blog for a period of time, please let Alyssa Warden know via IM.

✔ Grammar and spelling is important to how we want the ::FAUXBERRY:: brand publicized.


Please fill out the application completely. Incomplete and/or incorrectly filled out applications will most probably be deleted. After you’ve completed the application and rename it by inserting your avatar name in the provided slot, please return it as mentioned above.

Full SL Avatar Name:

Display Name:

Facebook Name:

How Long Have You Been Blogging:

Blog Url:

Flickr Url:

Time Zone:

Is your blog syndicated:

If yes, which blogs are you syndicated with:

Why did you decide to be a fashion blogger:

What languages do you speak, read and write fluently:

Why would you like to blog for ::FAUXBERRY:: :

Any additional information, you might think is needed in consideration of your application:

Please name/rename your notecard as follows:  ::FAUXBERRY:: Blogger Application [YOUR NAME]  ← Your name is inserted in place of the words “YOUR NAME”

We ask that you fill out the application for approval and wait patiently to be contacted by Alyssa Warden. As much as we would love to, we cannot accept everyone’s application, and we do not wish to hurt anyone’s feelings or leave anyone feeling slighted in this process. If you don’t receive a confirmation from Alyssa Warden within 2 weeks of submitting your application feel free to continue to apply and submit photos to our Flickr group as we never know when an opening will present itself. Also, feel free to join our Flickr group and submit your photos of our products in your styling for additional consideration.



☼ Blog/Website:
☼ SL Marketplace:
☼ Facebook:
☼ Flickr:
☼ Flickr Group:
☼ Main Contact: Alyssa Warden
☼ Secondary Contact: MsEmeraldIshtari Resident

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